Center for Advanced Liver Diseases and Transplantation

Referral Process

University Hospital's Liver Transplant Program welcomes referral requests from physicians or directly from prospective patients. The Center for Advanced Liver Disease and Transplant office telephone number is 973-972-LIVR (5487).

For physicians referring patients
To refer your patient to our center, please contact the Center, where you will speak with a patient navigator to obtain clinical information regarding your patient.

You will be asked to provide the patient's name and telephone number so we may call the patient to obtain other pertinent information.

You will also be asked to fax the following:

  • most recent laboratory test results
  • radiology reports (ultrasound, CT scan, or MRI, if any)
  • endoscopy reports
  • liver biopsy report, if any

These reports may be faxed to our office at (973) 972-6227.

If your patient had a recent CT or MRI scan, please ask that they obtain copies of the films from the appropriate facility and bring them to their appointment.

For patients referring themselves
Please contact the Center, by calling 973-972-LIVR (5487), where you will speak with a patient navigator to obtain clinical information. Our navigators will obtain records from your physician's office, the records will be reviewed and forwarded to our financial coordinators to obtain insurance approval for your initial appointment.

If you had a CT or MRI scan recently, you will be asked to obtain copies of the X-ray films from the hospital or radiology office at which you had the scan performed. This is extremely important, and you need to have them for your first office visit with us.