Center for Advanced Liver Diseases and Transplantation

The Center for Advanced Liver Diseases and Transplantation opened in 1989 and is the first liver transplant center in New Jersey, one of the busiest in the nation. It is noteworthy to mention, since its opening the Center has performed more than 1450 liver transplants.

Offering expertise in treating adult patients with liver diseases including liver failure requiring liver transplantation, the Center provides a comprehensive multi-disciplinary approach for treatment of complex hepatobiliary disorders, such as liver masses, Hepatitis C, bile duct and gall bladder abnormalities, fatty liver disease, and portal hypertension.

The team consists of a designated group of surgeons, hepatologists, physician assistants, nurse coordinators, patient navigators, social workers, financial coordinators, pharmacist, and nutritionists.

Nurse coordinators play an important role as the daily, direct and personal liaison between the medical team and the patient.

A dedicated in-patient unit provides standardized advanced liver disease management, pre- and post-transplant care.

An active support group for patients who are awaiting transplant and who have undergone transplant is also supported by the social workers at the Center.

In addition the Center offers cutting edge research, with multiple novel treatments including devices.

973-972-LIVR (5487)

Hospital Transfer Number:
(844)-41-liver or (844)-415-4837