• Counseling - Concerns about friends, family and relationships often interfere with school work.  Talking with a counselor can help students and family members improve communication, develop self-awareness, and encourage healthy decision-making.

  • Employment Assistance - Help with resumes and online applications, referrals to potential employers, and tips for a successful interview are available for students seeking part time jobs.

  • Conflict Resolution - Students are encouraged to resolve disputes with peers and teachers in a positive way as an alternative to fighting.  Many conflicts start with "he said/she said".  Emphasis is placed on responsible use of social networking sites such as Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram.

  • Cultural and Recreation Activities - Participants attend youth conferences and training throughout New Jersey and have the opportunity to socialize with peers in a safe and well-supervised environment. Field trips and special events provide a fun way to make new friends.

  • Health Education and Referrals - Poor decisions may result in putting a teen at risk of violence, unwanted pregnancy, exposure to disease, or involvement with drugs and alcohol.  By having correct information in a supportive environment, young people are encouraged to make choices that contribute to good physical and emotional health.

  • The Power of Positive Peers

  • TNT/ft – "Teens Networking Today for Tomorrow"is designed to develop leadershipskills among participants who attend weekly meetings after school.  Fun activities are used to build communication and decision-making skills.  Students get the opportunity to lead group activities for their peers and demonstrate leadership by example: modeling positive behaviors and attitudes.

  • Senior/Freshman Mentoring gives Seniors at North Thirteenth Street Vo-Tech an opportunity to assist incoming Freshman with the transition to high school via a carefully structured program designed to provide information and support that encourages academic success.