University Hospital

The Patient Experience

The letter below was sent to David Livingston, MD, Chief of Trauma, from an appreciative patient who is also an author and professor of literature at Harvard. Alicia Mohr, MD, admitted the patient and Jordan Fishman, MD, was one of the chiefs assigned to the case.

I was taken to the New Jersey Trauma Center after totaling my car on I-95. You and your team put me together again and I wanted to express my gratitude. I don’t know what sort of gift is appropriate for such amazing care, but I did want to say thank you. I also wish to thank the nurses who worked twelve- hour shifts until exhaustion and the x-ray technicians and doctors who were able to maintain their senses of humor. What I’d really like to do is dedicate my novel to you all - but alas - I lost six months of work in the car, so it may take a while.


This letter, which came to us via e-mail, proves that excellent care and kindness are remembered and appreciated for many years after the patient has been treated.

Six years ago, I had a ruptured brain aneurysm. I was flown to University Hospital and Charles J. Prestigiacomo, MD, saved my life. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Prestigiacomo and the staff who took care of me for the following 18 days. Dr. Prestigiacomo continued to follow my care for the next four years. He is a kind and wonderful doctor.


The outstanding care provided to this patient, also filled her with hope and inspiration.

Although I sustained substantial injuries in an accident in late July, I am here to report that I received superb medical and surgical treatment at University Hospital. As a result, I am determined to make a full recovery and resume my normal schedule of activities. Your care has helped to make that possible. Thank you so much.


The following thank-you letter was sent to President and CEO, James R. Gonzalez.

I want to express my sincere appreciation for the care I received while I was a patient at University Hospital. I was operated on by Soly Baredes, MD, a dedicated and compassionate surgeon. I also received superb nursing care. Each and every nurse was totally committed to making a difference in my health and in understanding my wife’s anxiety. Urologist, Christina Carpenter, MD, was also an exceptional care giver. I’ve been to other hospitals in Essex and Morris County, but the care I received at University Hospital was superior. When I learned that I would be hospitalized at University Hospital in Newark, I was a bit apprehensive about the location. If there was ever a misconception, this was it. You can be very proud of your professional and caring staff.


The following five letters were written about the outstanding staff of Medical Special Procedures.

- I would like to thank Rowena Festa, RN, for her promptness and kindness prior to my pro - cedure. She not only provided great care, but she knew how to laugh, smile and be friendly to patients – which is an added bonus. She made me relax.

- Just a note to thank Charito O’Brien, RN, for taking care of me in recovery after my back procedure. As busy as she was, she still had a smile on her face and made me laugh.

- My appreciation is sent to Karen Portee, RN, for her kindness, gentleness and laughter while preparing me for surgery. She made it painless and the IV she started never left a mark! She was great!

- My thanks to Ramona Smith, RN, for treating me to the best cup of coffee I ever had. Ramona was friendly and helpful. She deserves a lot of thanks!

- I want to compliment the staff of Medical Special Procedures. The nurses have been unfailingly courteous and professional. As an RN and nursing executive, it is a pleasure to positively acknowl - edge your staff for their patient-centered care and safe-patient protection activities. Thanks!