The Epilepsy Center

Continuous Video EEG Monitoring

Various tests are conducted to determine the type and the scope of a patient's seizure, including MRI, CT scan, and EEG. It is helpful for the epileptologist to study the brain waves over time, and this can be accomplished through continuous video EEG monitoring, where a patient stays in a special unit for at least 24 hours. Antiepileptic medication is stopped for the duration of this test, as the idea is for seizures to occur so the abnormal brain waves they produce can be recorded.

The Center has five continuous video EEG monitoring units, two of which are used solely for children. During periods when they are not having a seizure or undergoing neuropsychological testing, a child can have visitors, participate in activities with a play therapist, read, or watch TV/videos. Parents may stay with their children throughout the procedure.