You Can Help

You Can Help

Last Updates: 3/26/2020

There are many ways you can help our heroes on the front lines, as we care for the communities that rely on us during this unprecedented time.

Slow the Spread

The most important action you can take to help our medical team is to keep yourself and those you care for in good health by practicing COVID-19 safety precautions and adhering to Governor Murphy's updates and mandates regarding social distancing, curfews and stay at home orders.

Avoid Accidents

By doing your best to curtail accidents and injuries, you will help relieve a strained healthcare system and avoid visits to emergency medical treatment facilities.

Donate Equipment | Support Providers

  • Donate Protective Equipment: If your business uses N95 respirator masks, disposable surgical gowns, gloves and/or eye shields, consider donating them to University Hospital. Please contact the Foundation for University Hospital if you are interested. For more information, visit
  • Support Our Care Providers: If you or your business would like to send other support to our health care providers by donating to the University Hospital COVID-19 response efforts, please contact the Foundation for University Hospital. For more information, visit

Give Blood

It is safe to donate blood during the COVID-19 pandemic. Coronavirus is not transmitted through blood, and donation centers take special measures to ensure social distancing, pre-screening and safety protocols. Those who are healthy, feeling well and eligible to give blood or platelets are urged to make an appointment through: