University Hospital

Transparency In Billing Practices

Hospital Charges

University Hospital (UH) is committed to being transparent about our charges.   As required by the Public Health Service Act, §2718(e) and the Social Security Act §1886(d)(4), UH has made available a list of its: 1) standard charges for all items and services, and 2) average charges by inpatient Diagnosis Related Group (DRG), Medicare's system of classifying hospital services.

The information in the first link, below, contains standard charges from our "charge description master" (CDM), which is a list of prices for the variety of health services and items provided by UH.  The charges contained in UH's CDM are the same for all patients, regardless of insurance company or coverage.   However, please note that the charges contained in the CDM do not reflect the hospital's actual reimbursement from all patients or insurance companies.  If the services you received are covered by your insurance, your insurance benefits will determine how much you will be required to pay out-of-pocket.

The information in the second link contains the hospital's average charges per Medicare's DRG and the Medicare inlier rate (i.e., the payment including deductible and co-insurance UH would expect to receive for an average Medicare case).  Again, please note this only represents charges and average expected Medicare payment and not actual reimbursement from Medicare.