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Department of Radiology - Medical Staff


Marcia Blacksin, MD - Chief of Service


Body Imaging (CT/MR/ultrasound)

Ronald Wachsberg, MD

John Sabatino, MD

Humaira Chaudhry, MD

Alice Goldman, MD

Helene Goldfarb, MD

Basil Hubbi, MD

Pilar Salvador MD


Breast Center (Mammography/Ultrasound/Biopsy)

Basil Hubbi, MD

Pilar Salvador, MD

Alice Goldman, MD


Interventional Radiology ( CT/MR/ Angiography)

Sohail Contractor, MD - Section Chief

Sharon Gonzales, MD

Piotr Kisza, MD

David Klyde, MD


Musculoskeletal Imaging (CT/MR)

Marcia Blacksin, MD - Section Chief

Cornelia Wenokor, MD


Neuroradiology (CT/MR)

Huey-Jen Lee, MD - Section Chief 

Stephen Baker, MD

Shira Slasky, MD


Nuclear Medicine (Nuclear medicine, PET/CT)

Nasrin Ghesani, MD - Section Chief

Yiyan Liu, MD


Pediatric Radiology (CT/MR/Ultrasound)

Neha Kothari, MD


Thoracic Radiology (CT/MR)

Pierre Maldjian, MD